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Galvanising Bulkheads: Problems Encountered and Overcame.


Galvanising Bulkheads: Problems Encountered and Overcame.

Galvanising Bulkheads: Problems Encountered and Overcame.


Shielder Chassis pioneered a single metal skinned bulkhead design throughout, as opposed to double skinning found in areas of the original Land Rover bulkhead.

Here we will detail the problem resolved and benefits provided through our unique design.

The original double skin bulkheads have inherent corrosion problems caused by putting sheet metal on top of sheet metal (double skinning) allowing moisture to soak between the two metal layers. Especially prevalent in the foot-box area.

New bulkheads copying the OEM construction and original design will also be subject to corrosion for the same reason.

You may ask; Will galvanising resolve this issue? No, not with this design.

Below is an image of a brand new double skin bulkhead that has been through the galvanising process.

Note how the ribbed area on the foot-box was spot welded in place, matching the OEM design. The double metal skin construction creates a tiny gap between both sheets of steel.

During the galvanising process acid is used to clean the steel to allow the hot galvanising zinc to flow over and stick to the surface of the steel. This tiny gap is large enough for the acid to enter. The acid fills the gap, cannot escape and stops the hot zinc from entering, self sabotaging the galvanising process.

Shielder single skinned bulkheads were designed specifically to solve this problem. Our design allows for the bulkheads to be properly galvanised thus extending the longevity of our product.

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