Why our Galvanised Chassis' are your Land Rover's Best Friend.

Why our Galvanised Chassis' are your Land Rover's Best Friend.

If you're thinking about swapping out the chassis on your Land Rover because it's rusted out, chances are you've heard about going for a galvanised one.

When Land Rover Defenders rolled out of the factory, they had a steel chassis with hardly any paint protection, so they're like magnets for rust. That's why both old and new Defenders often end up needing new chassis. 

Take a look at the rust on this chassis below:

Rusted Land Rover ChassisInstead of sticking with the same old steel ones, lots of owners go for galvanised ones because they're better at fighting off rust. Given that an estimated 70% of all Land Rovers ever made are still on the road*. Many of these are now riding on a replacement galvanised chassis.

What is Galvanisation?

Galvanisation is a process used to protect steel from corrosion by applying a protective layer of zinc to its surface. This is typically done by dipping the steel into a bath of molten zinc or by electroplating. The zinc coating acts as a barrier, preventing moisture and other corrosive elements from reaching the underlying steel.

We've got a collection of Galvanised Chassis options ready to go for Defender 90, 110 and 130. We also have chassis for series 2 and 3. All our chassis are available for left and right hand drive. 

Going for a Galvanised Chassis brings a bunch of benefits. It not only boosts your Land Rover’s value but also means you can worry less about rust eating away at your undercarriage, especially when it's time for the dreaded MOT.

You know Land Rovers - they're tough as nails. Many of these old-timers are still chugging along, showing up newer rides half their age. But keeping them going means looking after the nitty-gritty, especially the chassis.

These classic Land Rovers might look great on the outside, but underneath, it's a whole different story with that mild steel chassis needing constant TLC. When it's beyond saving, going for a fully Galvanised replacement is the way to go.

Why go for a Shielder Galvanised Chassis?

  • They're built to last, giving your Land Rover a solid foundation for years to come.
  • They're like armour against the elements, keeping rust at bay even in the harshest conditions.
  • They add value to your Land Rover, showing off to potential buyers that your Land Rover is a valuable asset. 

Shielder Chassis Delivery

Here at Shielder Chassis, we've got you covered. We'll set you up with a brand-new Galvanised Chassis, making sure your Land Rover stays on the road for years to come. 




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